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What can Y.O.U. do for me?

Y.O.U. offers services tailored to individuals with a disability and will approach and work with each individual in a personalise manner. Y.O.U. offers a variety of services for those with a disability ranging from Advocacy to support with SDS information as well as training services in various areas.


What is advocacy?

Advocacy is a service that can be offered to those with a disability who feel that their voice isn't being heard. Advocacy is an independent service, there for individuals with disabilities.  An advocate will listen to the individual's opinion, will not influence their decision and support the individual to find out accurate advice that will assist them in situations that may arise.


What staff training is offered?

Y.O.U. offers training in areas overseeing support planning, recording notes and staff attitudes. All of these areas are a crucial part of providing support and all support staff should have a broad knowledge of these areas in order to allow them to reflect on their practices on a regular basis.


Why is staff training important?

The staff training offered by Y.O.U. is important for both service users and staff because it is crucial that staff have an understanding of factors that will impact on the support they provide to their service users and the way they provide it. As well as this the staff training offered by Y.O.U. is unique in that the training will be provided or at the very least be planned by someone who lives with a disability themselves.


Why offer consultations?

Y.O.U. offers consultations as a way of reaching various groups of people. Service users/parents and carers. Y.O.U. recognises that it can be a daunting prospect to be diagnosed or have a loved one diagnosed with a disability and I am keen to share experiences in order to show that living and or growing up with a disability does not necessarily restrict you from living the life you want and achieving your dreams.


Why offer information on SDS?

Y.O.U. offers independent advice on SDS because as of April 1st 2014 it is now law that all service users are given the option to have SDS and use this as a way of managing their support. Similarly to SDS, Y.O.U. works for the individual ensuring their SDS options are explained and they have a broad knowledge of all options available to them. With this in mind Y.O.U. is there for YOU!


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