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SDS best practice




Social workers should always listen to the individuals needs when conducting their SDS assessment.


The service user should be made aware of all the options available to them and everything should be explained to them in a way that they can understand as much as possible.


Individuals should be made aware that they have the option to refuse SDS and carry on with their support services as they are.


Individuals should be assessed in such a way that their optimum budget is given for their support to allow them to live life the way they want.


Everyone that the individual chooses to be involved should be involved in their SDS assessment.


Individuals should be made aware that there are organisations available to assist them with managing their SDS budget, pay role etc.





Individuals shouldn’t be made to feel that applying for SDS is a daunting prospect.


Individuals shouldn’t be pressured into making a decision that they don’t want to make.


Family members of individuals should not be alienated from the SDS process if the individual wants them involved.


Do not assume that everyone with a disability is the same, has the same interests or wants to be supported in the same way.


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