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My name is Danielle Farrel and I have Cerebral Palsy.  


I set up Your Options Understood as a way of offering advice to those with disabilities and parents and carers.


Y.O.U. offers independent advice in terms of living with a disability in areas such as Self Directed Support, sharing my own experiences of life with a disability, advocating for those living with a physical impairment and offering consultations and training to support workers and others working with disabled people.


I wanted to set up Y.O.U. in order to share my experiences with others and to show that having a disability does not necessarily mean that individuals cannot live an independent life.


Regardless of whether you have a disability or not everyone should be treated as an individual and be able to live their life the way they want to.  


Y.O.U. offer independent advice so that those living with a disability can have control over their daily support, they can get support to do the things they want to do, at times when they want to do them, and supported by people they choose.


Living with a disability since birth I have faced and continue to face similar barriers to other disabled people, but I do not allow this to prevent me achieving my dreams.


Over the years I have gained university degrees and several other qualifications and overcome many challenges that occur in life. I also have experiences using services within the social care sector and first-hand knowledge about using these services and how they can impact on a service users daily life.


Whether you need advice on Self-directed support, training and best practices for your staff, advocacy or just want to consult with someone who can share experiences, Y.O.U. is your ideal service.


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"Dr Danielle Farrel delivered a high quality in-service training session at Greenwood Academy on the 17th October 2016. The training incorporated Equalities and Staff Attitudes to supporting people with disabilities.


"Danielle’s training was very well received as she used multi-media, role play/games and presented information relating to her own life experiences as an individual with a disability.


"Staff that attended the training commented that it was an excellent session and were particularly impressed with Danielle’s passion and commitment to Advocacy and support for people with disabilities and their families. The training was described as extremely useful and relevant particularly since Danielle is able to speak from personal experience. We would highly recommend Danielle’s services through Y.O.U. and are keen to engage her again to offer more training within Greenwood Academy."


Mrs Christine McGuire, Head Teacher,

Greenwood Academy, Dreghorn, Scotland

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